Articles from September 2009

Puppy News

Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know that I received your letter a few weeks ago. I have attached some pictures of Stella to share with you and your family. I cannot imagine my life without her. She has the cutest personality and is extremely lovable. Also, she is completely housebroken! I hope […]

Update on Gana's Puppies

Here are a few updated pics.  Man, it is really hard to get them to stay still. 

Escape Artists

I thought I would start sharing some things that happen on the farm, maybe some quick stories or some funny happenings that are going on around the farm. We have begun a new kennel project. We live on a 3-acre farm with one three-car garage that is not connected to our house and an additional […]

Thanks to all those who purchased our Cavalier Puppies

All of the cavalier puppies have found their forever home.  Thanks Kathy and Ashley. 

Sad Day

Today is a sad day at our farm.  We lost one of Gana’s puppies last night.  The vet stated there was nothing we could do.  He was just too weak and the runt of the litter.  We latched him onto Gana around the clock yesterday and last night, but he just kept losing strength and […]

Gana’s Puppies

Gana finished off her litter with six.  I thought there might be 7 but only 6.  We are pleased with this litter.  All of the puppies are doing well.  They are very active.  This is a picture at 1 day old.  Looks like we have some variation in the coloration.  Maybe a buff, red obviously […]

Gana Had Puppies!

As of right now, Gana has 6 beautiful puppies.  I will post more information on them in the days to come.  These puppies have an impressive pedigree.  We can’t want to see what they look like after they are all cleaned up.  Looks like these little guys and gals will be ready for Christmas.

Cavalier Puppies

Some of you have been asking how old the puppies are.  They were born on June 27th.

The Cavalier Puppies are ready for their forever home!

There are only two left.  We have reduced the price to $1000. The cavalier girls are ready to go home with you.  We are asking $1300 for them.  They come with all their shots and AKC puppy application.  We have one Tri colored girl and one Blenheim girl left.  You can email us at […]