Articles from October 2009

The puppies are coming along very well

The puppies are growing like crazy these days.  They are eating solid food and liking it very well.  They are getting really playful too.  They are into everything.  We are taking Gana out during the day as to start the weaning process.  Gana still sleeps with the puppies but that will be ended soon.  Stay tuned […]

New Identity

One of our little girls has a new name as of last night.  I checked my email and the owner of the buff female told me she was going to name her Isabella, Bella for short.  We are so excited for Kathy and Bella.

Finishing Touches

We have been working diligently on the new facility for the dogs.  We are getting for ready winter and wanted a better place for them.  We installed the last of the concrete last night.  I will be working on the outside run pens the remainder of the week.  All of the inside kennels are installed.  […]

The puppies are getting so big!

The puppies are getting so big.  They are really starting to play around.  These three puppies are still available.  We are taking deposits now.  The deposit contract amount is $200.  The deposit contract is listed on the policy page.

The concrete is in!

We had the last installment of concrete yesterday.  We are excited about getting the new kennels and run pens installed.  The new facility will have the capacity to be heated and cooled for the seasons.

The Sun is shining

The sun was out today and we expect the sun to be out again tomorrow.  That means we will get the concrete installed tomorrow.  I am so excited.

Puppy update…

I wanted to let everyone know that one of the black puppies and the blond puppy are sold.  Hurry if you want one of these little gals.  They are going fast.  We are accepting deposits now.

It is raining again!

I don’t know what to do besides build an ark.

The puppies are growing!

The puppies are growing really fast.  I have posted some new pics on the puppy page.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  

First Dog Show

Today we went to our first Dog show.   Sadie and I showed Merlin in the annual dog days at Heritage Park in Cullman.  We had a great time. Jamie and Merlin Dog Show