Articles from December 2009

We are on youtube.

You can see some vids of the puppies on youtube.  Follow the link:

Show News!

I start my first confirmation class on January 12th.  All of us around the house are excited about getting in the ring.  I hope that my daughter will want to show.  She is only two now… however, I don’t think that junior showmanship means children that young.  But she would be darn cute in the ring […]


Tonight is the first night for bug’s puppies to be without their mother.  They are well on their way to be weaned.  They have been eating softened food for about a week and a half.  I will try to get pictures of them this weekend.  Hope you all have a great New Year.  Lets all […]

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a great Christmas tomorrow.  Thanks for following our blog. 

The puppies will be six

weeks old on December 31st.

Busy times

It has been really busy around the house with a new baby and all. Nevertheless, I took some time tonight and gave the puppies their first hair cuts.  They look so cute.  We are not taking deposits on them.  If you are interested in one of Bug’s beautiful puppies let me know.  You can call […]

Bug's Puppies are really growing!

We are really busy these days

Wanted to let you all know that Jamie and had our second baby yesterday.  Her name is Nora.  Here is a pic. 

New Pics

Here are a few pics of Gana’s last pup.

And then there was one!

We only have one of Gana’s puppies left.  The little black and tan girl.  She is so precious.  If anyone is interested in her, don’t hesitate to mail me.  I took some new pictures of her last night.  I will try to get them on here tonight.