Articles from March 2010


We have started introducing more protein into the diets of the expecting mothers.  Last night, Gana and Katie had a feast of Steak, Pork Chops and Ham Steaks.  They seems to really enjoy their new treats.  I will continue to add this sort of protein into their diets until the delivery.

~I can feel puppies~

I have started checking the expecting mothers daily.  I feel their bellies each night before bed.  Tonight, I thought I could feel little puppies.  I am excited about these litters.  Gana and Katie are both doing great.  If you are interested in being put on the waiting list for these puppies, you can email me […]

~And the Eyes have it~

Today we went to Franklin, Tennessee for a dog show.  We were not in the show but we had some important business to attend to.  We took our dogs to a clinic there to get their eyes examined.  I am happy to announce that our dogs passed their examinations with flying colors.  Two of the […]

Going home

The last of Bug’s puppies went to his forever home today.  We thank all of you out there who purchased our puppies.  We are excited they all found such good homes.  Keep in touch.  We will have new litters in April, if all goes well.