Articles from July 2010

Sunny is getting ready for his show.

We had a bath today and a small haircut.  We are getting closer to the show date.  We will be in Kenner, LA, August 5-8

Our First Show

So we have registered for our first show.  We will be in New Orleans, Kenner actually, the weekend of the 7th of August.  Wish us luck.

We have two cockers left

We have two male cocker spaniel puppies left.  One is from Gana’s litter.  He is from the st. james lines.  One is from Katie’s litter.  Both males are champion sired.  Check out the puppy page for more information

Molly’s puppies are getting bigger

There are new pics of Molly’s puppies on the puppy page. These puppies are AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We are aking $1300 for full registration on males and females.  If interested please contact us at or

We had an accident

The other day my daughter woke up and insisted that her monkey had fallen and hurt his leg.  She also insisted that we take her to the vet.  So my wife loaded her and the monkey up and took them to the vet.  The vet gave the monkey a shot and thanks to Dr. Dye, […]

New Price

We have lowerred the price of the cocker spaniel puppies we now have available.  Katie’s black male is $350 and Gana’s black male is $500.  Katie’s black female is $700.  These prices are with limited registration.  If you are interested you can email me at or

Work Day

Today was a work day around the farm. I mowed the grass and spent most of the day working on the septic system in the dog facility. It was a stinky job, but someone has to do it…