Articles from November 2010

Montgomery, AL

We were at the Montgomery show this weekend.  I was a busy week with Thanksgiving and all but it was worth it.  Hadassah got two more points this weekend.  So that makes four.  We are so proud.

Last Day

Today was our last day at Priceville.  We did good today as well.  Hadassah got her second point.

Today was our best day yet

Today was a good for all the fallin dogs.  Jasmine took winners bitch, best of opposite, and won her class.  Sunny won his class and went reserve.  Today was the first time Sunny has beat another dog.  Hadassah is the big winner of the day.  She won her class, took best of opposite and best […]


The show was better today.  Sunny and Hadassah both did the same as yesterday, but Jasmine went best of winners today.  We are so excited.


So we had our first day at Priceville today.  Jasmine and Hadassah both went winners in their class, winners bitch and best of opposite sex.  We are super excited about the way they both showed today.  Sunny did good.  He won his class.

Late Night

We are up late tonight getting ready for the big day tomorrow.  We will be in the show in Priceville, AL tomorrow.  This is the first show where we will be showing three dogs.  So there is a ton to do.  Grooming, bathing, drying, practice… We have been up almost all night.  Nevertheless, We love […]