Articles from May 2011

We had almost given up

Sunny went to a show in Indiana this weekend.  The first day he did his usual.  Won his class but nothing special.  But today, he went reserve to a 4 point major.  Just goes to show, dont give up.  You never know that the judge is looking for.

In search of the hard to find majors

Well, Sunny is on his way to Indiana today.  A friend is taking him to compete for majors there.  I had Jasmine entered in Jackson, TN this weekend but she was the only black female there so we decided not to go.  Already out for the entry fees, thought I had better save money and […]

Hard times

In such hard times, it is hard to think about my dogs, but wanted to give an update on the progress around here.  Hadassah went to Perry GA in hopes of getting a major.  She did not do well there.  She blew her coat and has gotten a little on the heavy side.  So we […]

Crazy Times

I wanted to post on here and say thanks to all those who have emailed to see if we are ok. Things are good at our house. We are so very lucky. We have damage all around us but things are slowly getting back together. The power is on in almost all areas. But there […]