Articles from September 2011

Jasmine and Hailey won big today

[youtube][/youtube] Jasmine went winners bitch day and Hailey was reserve.  We are so proud of our girls.  The only thing is… if we were in Tennessee, it would have been a major.  Oh, well.  Hope they do well tomorrow. The girls got a little exercise this afternoon with some of our friends.   Here is some […]

The puppies are getting big and starting to move around

Look at the puppies page for more information.  

Won big at the dog show in the park today

We went to a local pet show to support animal rescue.  We took three of our black bitches.  We took, Calleigh, Hailey and Jasmine.  Jasmine was the big winner of the day for winning most talented.  In the pictures below is my daughters, Sadie and Nora and My niece Isabelle and my nephew Isaac.  We […]

We have puppies

We had 7 little buff puppies born this weekend. They range from dark red to the very light buff (silver, almost white) They are beautiful and should be really nice puppies. Contact me for more information.