The puppies are ready for their new homes!

Gana’s puppies are doing great and they are ready for their new homes.  The little black  and black and tan girls are ready to find their new homes.

Good news and bad news…

We took the puppies for their well visit today.  Everything went well except for one puppy.  The little black and tan has an umbilical  hernia.  That is not the worst thing ever, but we had planned on keeping her for breeding.  Now our plans have changed.  I will be trying to find her a home with someone […]

There are only two left

We only have two little girls left.  The black and the black and tan are still looking for homes.

The puppies are weaned!

Hurrah!!  The puppies are weaned from Gana.  I am sure she is glad of that and I am too.  They are doing great.  We are planning to take them for their vet check on friday so things are on schedule for their departure from our home.  There have been many calls this week so if […]

Puppy update…

I wanted to let everyone know that one of the black puppies and the blond puppy are sold.  Hurry if you want one of these little gals.  They are going fast.  We are accepting deposits now.

The puppies are growing!

The puppies are growing really fast.  I have posted some new pics on the puppy page.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Update on Gana's Puppies

Here are a few updated pics.  Man, it is really hard to get them to stay still.